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The Company

Tel : +33 276 840 200

Fax : +33 235 208 275

E-mail : guillaume.denis@promat-securite.com

To Contact us:

Electronic Equipment offices in Montivilliers


Electronic Equipment is your partner in the following areas :

Navigation : Radars, gyro and magnetic compasses, pilotes, engine controls, instrumentation

Communications : Satellite equipments, UHF/VHF radio equipments, AIS, GPS, intercoms, VDR

Computing : Marine and land computers, ECDIS, electronic charts, WIFI

Safety of people and goods : Video, alarms, Fire detection and protection , beacons, transponders, signal lights

Electricity : Lighting, searchlights, navigation lights, batteries, electric circuits


Our service is qualified by:

Our intervention speed : At any hour, any day, a technician is on watch to reply calls on the +33-232-792-960.

Our prices : Direct importers from a number of makers, we limit the subcontractors.

Our catalogue : With both famous brand products and innovating equipments from growing companies, we offer solutions for all kinds of applications requiring marine quality standards.

Our contact : We are focused on direct and local services, our technical team treats demands with a permanent contact with our customers to insure a smooth information relay.

Our experience : Our technicians are in permanent formation, to stay up-to-date with the new equipments and marine regulations (SOLAS, IMO, GMDSS)…

Intervention on Le Havre harbour


Navigation systems and marine safety equipment

supplies and repairs